Meat and Poultry Industry

Container and Bulk Bin Washers

To clean bulk bins and containers, Smarte Automation supplies both stand-alone batch type washers and in-line tunnels washers.


Stand-Alone Batch Washers

This machine is ideally designed for intense cleaning such as protein build up, protein emulsions, fats and blood often found in hot-dog and sausage processing plants.
Ergonomically engineered for a one-man operation, stand-alone batch washers hold containers tilted at 180 degrees over a ‘W’ shaped rotating spray frame. This type spray frame allows nozzles to be positioned close to container surfaces, delivering superior cleaning results at speeds up to 30 containers per hour. (Speeds dependent upon soil levels.)


Optional features include:

  • Rotating drum strainers
  • Walking beam conveyors
  • Vapor extraction
  • Pre-wash tanks
  • Heated rinse cycles
  • Custom controls


Inline Tunnel Washers

If higher capacities or inline placement is required, an Inline Tunnel Washers is the perfect solution. Supporting up to 200 containers per hour, each washer is customizable based on required capacities and cleaning intensities. 


Optional features include:

  • Bin inverters and bin loading
  • Bin de-stackers
  • Bin conveyors
  • Rotating self-cleaning filters
  • Vapor extraction
  • Bin drying solutions