Meat and Poultry Industry

De-palletizing and palletizing:


 A SMARTE solution for your palletizing needs

With a wide range of solutions for erected and collapsed RPCs and crates, Smarte Automation’s pre-engineered palletizing and de-palletizing systems are essential for meat and poultry processors that have a need to palletize packaged and full RPCs on the backend of their packaging line.


Smarte Automation can also provide de-palletizing solutions for processors that want to integrate this as part of there RPC/Crate erecting process.


Solutions Include:

  • Robotic palletizing with 4 or 6-axis robots
  • Gantry-type systems
  • Conventional or mechanical palletizing systems


Note: If you run both RPC’s and Cardboard boxes in your operation, it is also possible to use the same equipment to palletize both type product holders