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A Smarte idea, built in the USA
Smarte Automation RPC Erectors are designed to automate the labor-intensive task of manually erecting the collapsible plastic containers (RPC’s) and crates used by protein and food processors in shipping meat and tray packed protein products other foods to retailers or inter company.

At speeds of up to 27 crates per minute, Smarte RPC Crate Erectors accommodate a variety of different RPC styles and sizes, including IFCO, Polymer Logistics, Tosca and Orbis, with minimum changeover in parts and time.


Easy to clean and constructed with 304 stainless steel and other food grade components, the Smarte Automation RPC Erector.

  • Erects containers and crates at speeds up to 27/minute
  • Eliminates repetitive motions and injuries found in manual erection processes
  • Accommodates different styles and sizes of crates
  • Can be place in-line or stand-alone
  • Easy to move around and easy to transport


Additional options include:

  • Infeed conveyor systems
  • De-palletizing systems
  • Discharge conveyors
  • RPC Stackers and palletizers for erected RPC’s/Crates
  • Bag inserting equipment


Product Info - Smarte RPC Crate Erector



“Smarte Automation RPC Erectors are compatible with major RPC pool operators”