Meat and Poultry Industry

RPC and Crate Washers

Smarte Automation provides both small, stand-alone cleaning systems and fully integrated cleaning systems with extensive levels of automation such as depalletizing, destacking, RPC erecting, RPC collapsing, restacking and palletizing. The modular construction and design of each machine ensures they can be custom engineered to meet individual requirements and capacities ranging from 400 per hour up to 7000 per hour.


Standard design features include:

  • Lifting tunnels for maximum access
  • 304 Stainless Construction
  • Open and easily accessible construction
  • Sanitary piping and nozzles
  • Sanitary Design features such as rounded corners, link chain and more


Available options include:

  • Air blow drying
  • Centrifugal drying
  • De-stacking and stacking
  • High pressure label and sticker removal
  • Special filtration Systems
  • Vapor extraction
  • RPC erectors and De-erectors
  • Inline RPC sorting systems
  • Palletizing and De-palletizing Systems