RPC Pool Operators and Wash Plants

Product: RPC and Crate Drying Systems for Wash Plants:

Equally as important to washing is the drying process. Wet crates are a source of bacteria growth and in addition can create a hazard inside the wash facility.


Reasons to invest in an efficient but effective drying solution:

  • Reduce and minimize the chance of bacteria growth
  • Trip hazard inside wash facility (reduce insurance cost and improve employee safety)
  • Improved Quality
  • Less staging time of wet RPC’s which means less inventory
  • Shrink wrap inline which means less handling
  • Ship immediately after drying


Drying RPC’s can be a difficult task due to reasons such as required speed, RPC design, cleaning temperature, available floor space and other factors.


Smarte Automation offers 2 types of RPC Drying solutions:

  • Air blow and hot air drying
  • Centrifugal Drying


The type of solution that is selected depends on various factors and requirements. Those factors include:

  • Required dryness level
  • RPC/crate Design
  • Required throughput
  • Available space
  • Drying sorted or unsorted