RPC Pool Operators and Wash Plants

Product: RPC and Crate Washing Systems for Wash Plants:

“A machine will only clean as well as the machine can be cleaned and maintained”


Cleaning and drying reusable transport packaging such as plastic RPCs and crates can be a difficult but critical process. Our customers are forced to contend with problematic factors such as labels, bacteria and food-type debris. In situations where RPCs are used in retail operations, such as supermarket displays, additional or more sanitizing solutions maybe required.


Smarte Automation understands the needs of Pool operators and therefore has a specific line of cleaning systems which are primarily used by Pool operators and 3rd party wash facilities.


These systems are designed to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Wash Sorted and Unsorted RPC’s
  • Remove labels and stickers
  • Run at speeds up to 6000/hour
  • Special filtration for increased water usage
  • Water treatment to even further extend water usage and minimize consumption
  • CIP Systems to reduce clean up time and clean effectively between shifts
  • Wash tank and tunnel insulation
  • Heat and energy recovery systems


Standard design features include:

  • Lifting tunnels for maximum access
  • 304 Stainless Construction
  • Open and easily accessible construction
  • Sanitary piping and nozzles
  • Sanitary Design features such as rounded corners, link chain and more