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Smarte Automation Provides Single Source for Reusable Packaging Automation

Product line can automate the crate cycle through the supply chain

CANTON, Georgia (July 14, 2010) —Smarte Automation is the first U.S.-based single source supplier of automation for returnable plastic container erectors, robotic palletizing and RPC sorting, cleaning and drying systems.


Smarte's has a complete line of equipment that can automate the crate cycle through the typical supply chain.


Starting with the washing plant and following the crate through the distribution cycle and back to wash plant, Smarte has erectors, palletizers, depalletizers, washing systems, crate dryers and sorting systems to make handling RPCs more efficient.


"We have a commitment to sustainability," Smarte Automation President Scott Hazenbroek said. "Despite our country's increased commitment to recycling and waste reduction, we are generating more waste than ever. This is why we are working to provide food producers, processors and pooling service providers with cost-effective, sustainable automation solutions."


Smarte Automation was established in 2009 in response to the rapid growth of reusable transport packaging. Headquartered just outside of Atlanta in Canton, Georgia, Smarte's management has more than 16 years of experience in supplying automation for reusable transport packaging to the food industry.


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