A SMARTE solution for your palletizing needs

After the RPC are de-erected and if necessary sorted the next step in the process is to palletize the washed RPC’s.



Choosing automation for palletizing offers the following benefits:


  • Greatly improved safety and ergonomics (employees do not have to pick up heavy stacks of RPC’s)
  • Reduced health care and injury associated cost
  • Robot does not get tired and call in sick
  • Consistent stacking quality
  • High speed: One robot can palletize up to 4000 RPC/hour
  • Only 1 forklift driver required to operate process


As part of the palletizing process the collapsed RPC need to be stacked so that the robot can meet the required speeds. Therefore the collapsed RPC’s are stacked in a so called “Mini-Stacking” machine.


After small stacks have been made, the stacks advance to the robot for palletizing. The robot picks up the stacks of 10-15 RPC’s and places them on the pallet.


Solutions Include:

  • Robotic palletizing with 4 or 6-axis robots
  • Gantry-type systems
  • Conventional or mechanical palletizing systems


Note: If you run both RPC’s and cardboard boxes in your operation, it is also possible to use the same equipment to palletize both type product holders