RPC and Crate Dryers

Moisture and excess water can be a breeding ground for bacteria.
Wet crates can create a real hazard inside a wash facility, especially in hot or humid climates.
Smarte Automation offers various drying solutions for reusable packaging such as air blow systems and centrifugal drying systems to help you:

  • Minimize bacteria growth
  • Reduce insurance costs and improve employee safety
  • Improve overall quality
  • Decrease inventory by cutting the staging time for wet RPCs
  • Reduce handling with inline shrink wrapping
  • Increase processing and shipping times


Drying RPC’s can be a difficult task
Factors such as speed, RPC design, required cleaning temperatures and available floor space can make the drying of RPCs challenging.


To help, Smarte offers two types of RPC Drying solutions:

  • Air blow and hot air drying
  • Centrifugal Drying


Smarte Automation partners with pooling service providers in answering this question by analyzing:

  • Required dryness level
  • RPC/crate Design
  • Required throughput
  • Available space
  • Drying sorted or unsorted


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