Our Commitment to Smarte Sustainability

 In 2008, Americans generated more than 250 million tons of trash. That’s a lot of garbage.
What’s worse is that more than 31% of this trash came from paper and paper products, such as corrugated cardboard.

Despite our country’s increased commitment to recycling and waste reduction, we are generating more waste than ever. In fact, our rate of trash production has risen by more than 60% from 1980 to 2008.**


This is why we stand by our promise to provide food producers, processors and pooling service providers with cost-effective, sustainable automation solutions.


We achieve this by focusing on building products that:

  • Recycle cleaning water using integrated filtration technology
  • Minimize chemical consumption
  • Utilize modern drying solutions such as centrifugal drying
  • Run on energy efficient motors and pumps


Together, we can make a sustainable difference in protecting and preserving our environment.


Scott Hazenbroek
Smarte Automation

Reusable Packaging AssociationSmarte Automation is a

proud member of the

Reusable Packaging Association.


 ** Statistics courtesy of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)